Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Warning: Escaped prisoner on the loose!

RudySo, funny story: I wake up, take Rudy out of his cage, play with him for awhile, and put him back in his cage so that I can leave and go to Starbucks. So far so good. Here's the funny part: three hours later, when I return and open the door, I hear Rudy screaming at me like usual. Only he is not screaming from the right, where his cage is located. No, he is screaming from the left, where my bedroom is located.

That's right - he had escaped! It seems the little goof ball had pushed out his food door, flown around looking for me, and when he couldn't find me, decided to spend the day in my bedroom on my chair looking out the window. He was so pleasantly happy to see me, I simply couldn't be angry. But I have learned my lesson: secure the food door!

Rudy is indeed a handful. I recently took several videos of his refusing to go to bed at night. That will be up soon.


Heather said...

I've found our conure, Nickel, out of his cage a few mornings when I come downstairs. It's hard to say around here with 2 kids though if the door was left open or if he escaped. We just made a play top on his cage with a branch and tons of toys so he pretty much hangs out on his cage most of the time. Which is nice to be able to let him out for most of the day without having him get into too much trouble!

Carole said...

you better really watch him or its BYE BYE!!!

Anonymous said...

You're really happy, that you can have any animal at home...I can't
=(, I'm very envious about all people who have it=(. Your bird is indeed funny and a bit rude =D. Say hello to him from me =D.