Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Mile Jog... via Segway!

For those of you who have the curiosity to click over to my Fitness site (graph on the right will get you there), you know that I have attempted to take up running lately. Err, jogging. Using Google Earth, I mapped out a nifty 2-mile jog that happens to have a lot of hills, which sucks, but goes through my very pretty neighborhood, which rocks.

Because I can't bring you all on my jog, I have decided to bring my jog to you! I hereby present the 2 miles I have so-far jogged three times... VIA SEGWAY! Enjoy.

Edit: My goodness, that looks like Shiite after YouTube gets through with it... hmm. Well, I have reduced the physical size of the video so that might look a little better. If you want to see the original, come on over to my place! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow a segway jog, i bet you burn a lot of calories standing there on that waste of parts & money. Maybe the shame you feel burns a few calories when you get red in the face after little kids laugh at you.

Matt said...

I was going to just delete this comment, but I have decided to leave it up, so that all my regular readers can witness the kind of negativity and cowardice that often confronts Segway riders.

For the record,
A) Little kids probably love the Segway most of all, and their reactions are typically "WOW!", not laughter,
B) A "waste" is typically defined as something that causes one to lose money, whereas the Segway has saved me money, and
C) I was VIDEOTAPING MY ROUTE via Segway, not "jogging" it.

Come on Anonymous ( from London), at least have the courage to post your real name before spouting insults at strangers.