Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live Responses to the Palin Acceptance Speech

  • Ok, I'm going to be live-tweeting the Palin speech and compiling it into a blog post later. First impressions: My oh my that is a VPILF.
  • So that's what an Alaskan accent sounds like. Sounds vaguely like southern Ohio. Now she's playing the mom-of-soldier card.
  • Now she's playing the ADORABLE daughter card. I still think Bristol Willow Piper sounds like a consulting firm.
  • Her husband is an Eskimo fisherman snowmobile racer. Now there's a selling point.
  • Ha! LIPSTICK! Hahahahahah! :-\
  • Everyone's dissing Obama's "community organizing." I'm really curious how Palin is going to spin her mayoral "responsibilities."
  • She's been talking for 10 minutes and hasn't said a word about her accomplishments -- just introduced family and bashed Obama.
  • You do NOT want to talk about "leaving this nation better than we found it." 8 years of Dubya have not left this nation better than before.
  • I'd like to show Palin my oil pipeline.
  • Sorry, was overcome by VPlust. She knows about oil and I tend to agree that we should use the power we got until we get the power we want.
  • Man oh man does Palin give good rhetoric.
  • Palin, if John McCain were truly a maverick, you wouldn't be standing there.
  • Listen, McCain is a patriot and yes he was a prisoner of war. I respect him. But that is not a major qualification to be president. Sorry.
  • Good speech. MUCH better speaker than McCain. She seems pleasant enough. The American Everywoman. Not much substance though; lotta sarcasm.
  • Bottom line: i like her a lot. She seems like a great person. She is not qualified to be my president.
  • I'm looking forward to the debates. Obama will wipe the floor with McCain. The real exciting one will be Biden vs. Palin. Game on!

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