Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wind Shield is what makes it really bad

Katherine: you ran tonight?
Matt: YES
Katherine: it's -7 right now here WITHOUT windshield
Matt: awwwwwwww
that's adorable!
Katherine: what
Matt: hahahahahaha
do you call it windshield
Katherine: yes
Matt: hahahahahaa
Katherine: oh no
Matt: that's so cute
that's like when i used to call it pasghetti
Katherine: i'm looking at your status
Matt: hahahaaha
Katherine: it's wind chill???
Matt: YES!!!!!
Katherine: i thought it was wind shield!!!!!!
Katherine: all these years!
Matt: hahhahahaha
oh no!
Katherine: i guess i've only ever said it
Matt: you have been hoodwinked
Katherine: never written it
no one ever corrected me
cuz i guess it always sounded like windchill
Matt: it would sound like a southern accent
if you said it your way
Katherine: i do get awfully twangy
Matt: wow
in your defense
i used to also think it was windshield
Matt: until i was about 12 years old
Matt: but then i figured it out
Katherine: how come no one has ever said, it's not said that way!
Katherine: i must have gotten it from you then
Matt: OH DON'T BLAME ME for this
Katherine: how did i not know
maybe i did know
Matt: that is tragic
and awesomely hilarious
Katherine: i'm sure i've seen it written
maybe i'm just creating it
cuz i look at the weather channel all the time
and they write wind chill
but my mind sees it like windshield
this confirms it: i only see what i want to see!
and hear what i want to hear!
Matt: that's the definition of a crazy person!!
Katherine: then call me crazy

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