Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dr. Laura is an Idiot

So I'm driving back from my Barbri class, and I turn on AM radio to see which right-wing commentator is preaching at the moment. Ah, it's Dr. Laura. I listen for a while, and she seems to give pretty off-the-cuff advice, really doesn't seem to care about (or notice) the gray areas of morality -- i.e. the questions that go both ways, and are anything but black and white. Overall, she offers some sound advice but is mostly an idiot.

Yet, even KNOWING that she is an idiot, I was not prepared for the advice she was about to give. A woman calls in with a problem, which I shall paraphrase here:
Hi Dr. Laura. I have a problem. My husband feels insecure about the fact that I make more money than him. See, we both make a fair amount of money, but I make more, and he wants me to quit my job. We have four kids, and he knows that with my salary we will be able to send them all to college, but he still just feels like it's wrong that I'm out making more than he does, and he would really like me to stay at home. So I'm wondering -- I could quit my job, and give up that money, and stay at home -- but should I?
Of COURSE you should not quit your job! Your husband is a weenie! Oh no, he's insecure -- so? He should grow up, and learn to accept the fact that you make more than him, and that does NOT make him less of a man. You have every right to work, and your husband has the right to be insecure, but he has no right to ask that you quit your job because he can't handle it. Hopefully one day he will learn to be accepting and maybe even appreciate the fact that you are helping out so much with expenses.

Dr. Laura's response blew me away.
Men feel insecure when their wives make more than them, and it's because men like to be the breadwinners of the household. I think that quitting your job would be a very good solution. You'd get to stay home, you wouldn't have to worry about work, life would be less hectic, and you'd get to spend more time with the kids. (The caller pipes in: "It would be nice to make dinner for the kids.) And women generally have more respect for their men when the men are supporting them. I think quitting your job would be an optimal solution. (Caller: "But my income would help with sending our kids to college.") Not everyone is cut out for college, dear. A four-year degree is a waste for most people. Better that they get a 2-year associates degree that teaches them some useful skills, than a four year bachelors degree. (Caller: "Yeah.") Now go do the right thing.
Oh My God. I don't even know what to say. My jaw had completely dropped. Quit your job? Screw the kids' college fund? Just so your hubby could feel a little better about himself? Yeah, sure, there are benefits to being a stay-at-home mom -- but surely Dr. Laura would have questioned the woman about how committed she is to her work, how long she studied for it, whether she enjoys it, whether she ever thought about being a stay-at-home mom before... I am simply flabbergasted at the way in which this call was handled. I -- I can't type anymore -- I'm so angry! Dr. Laura is such an idiot!


Comments? Anyone?


Gweeps-A-Lot said...

What a bitch!

1) Supposedly a conservative, i.e., a person who uses Reason to make decisions, "Doctor" Laura tells this poor, misguided caller to make her decision based solely on what will make everyone FEEL best at the present time.

2) The woman obviously understands nothing about the modern American economy, the job market, etc. If she did, she'd understand that a college degree is the new high school diploma, and those kids are going to be economically screwed without one (or they're going to have to take out a small mortgage in student loan debt and constantly freak out every time the grace period is about to end).

3) And yes, nowhere did anyone talk about the wife's happiness in all of this! WTF!

Dr. Laura is a drag queen of sorts. She's an actress playing the role of "conservative talk radio host." As such, she's saying the things that she thinks the reactionary masses want to hear, without regard to any actual harm she may cause to any of her listeners. All she knows is that the whole thing is making her rich, meaning she'll have plenty of money to pay for her own kids' college.

Wait. She'd have to get a date first. Never mind.

Di said...

First I was really confused because I thought YOUR reponse (of course she should not quit her job) was Dr. Laura's response (she should quit her job). So I read your response and completely agreed and thought, oh my god I just AGREED with Dr. Laura, I might as well just commit myself.

But then I read on.

Dr. Laura's response was beyond wrong, it was professionally irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the well-being (financial and emotional) of not only the caller but the caller's entire family.

I'm appalled.

Postal said...

Thank God this bitch's 15 minutes of fame are over, I could never stand to even LISTEN to its rants of fascism.

Douglas Barnes said...


I Googled 'Dr laura is an idiot,' and was not disappointed.