Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Still Here... Snuggling with Cuddly Things

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My little sister Elizabeth woke me up this morning with several hundred click-click-clicks of my Canon 20D. I took it as an opportunity for some good, old-fashioned modeling work, and quickly arranged Mickey (the dog) and Billy (the teddy bear I've had since I was a lad) into several photogenic positions. This was my favorite, because we all look so cute and because my trips to the gym are evident. :-)

Also, notice that I am shorn once again! Yes, that's right, I shaved my beard off, as I do every few months or so. I just get tired of looking like a man in his late 30s, and instead want to look like a boy in his early 20s. Word on the street is that I'm cuter without a beard, but try telling that to the hypothetical county prosecutor interviewing me for assistant DA. Can you imagine it? A boy trying to convict a drug dealer. How on earth can a jury of peers take me seriously with such a cute and round babyface?

Oh well -- we will tackle that problem if and when we come to it.

So, after being woken up by flashes and clicks, I headed through the 15-below windchill to the gym, where I had a rousing good time doing a lower body workout of squats, hamstring curls, calf presses and plenty o' ab work. I was in a pretty good mood until I hit the showers, tried to wash my hair, and realized that the shampoo I keep in my gym bag in the trunk of my car had FROZEN INTO A SOLID BLOCK OF SHAMP-ICE. Or ICE-POO. (Pick your favorite.) Not to mention the fact that my shower shoes were also little blocks of ice, and after I finished and left the gym I was assaulted by icy wind, and got into my icy car and put my cold fingers on an icy steering wheel, and so on and so forth. I HATE MICHIGAN WEATHER.

Let's see. Oh! I discovered a great new quick protein-filled meal. This takes about 30 seconds to make and tastes DELICIOUS:

Step 1. Open up a can of chicken breast.
Step 2. Plop in two dollops of hummus.
Step 3. Drizzle with olive oil.
Step 4. Mix up with a spoon.
Step 5. (In a flamboyantly gay voice) Heaaaaven!

(Note to visitors: I love gay people. You know, in a platonic sort of way.)

Anyway, it's an amazing protein-filled and low fat dish, perfect for getting some extra protein at night, and if you want to have it as a real meal during the day (i.e. with carbs), just put it between some whole wheat bread. SO good.

In other news, I am still studying for the LSATs. Er, Bar Exam. Haven't tackled the essays yet -- have been focusing on the multiple choiced Multistate Bar Exam -- but I will get to the essays this week. Twenty-three days to go. Hmm. Time to find religion.

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