Thursday, April 19, 2007

Divine Intervention?

Today I had a 12:15 lunch appointment in Dupont.

I left late, but found no traffic.
My navigation system is broken, but I didn't make any driving errors.
I arrived 15 minutes EARLY.
And found an open meter DIRECTLY in front of the restaurant.
This never happens.

It was only an hour meter -- but guess what -- it already had "15" minutes paid for. Which was the exact amount of time early I was -- so I could just hang out in my car until the meeting, and then put in another hour.

Everything just fell into place. It shouldn't have. But it did.

It's times like these when I wonder whether the recently departed are trying to pull some strings for me, make things here just a bit easier. Perhaps they don't have the power to make major changes down here, but making sure traffic is light? Finding me a spot in front of the restaurant with a few minutes already on the meter?

That's probably "Level 1" angel stuff right there. :-)


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet. that is so cute. i'm sure it's true. you had some major gp&z and grandma lilly help on that one!!!! :-) i love you, bobo!!!! xoxo liz

Di said...

Hey, what happened to the twelve signs you know you're in love post? I was gonna comment!