Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who doesn't like to frolic in flowers?

Flowers on Surrey Lane, originally uploaded by CaseWriter21.

When I was apartment hunting, Surrey Lane (about a mile from the Georgetown strip) had a glorious canopy of cherry blossoms and flowering dogwood trees overhead. It was beautiful.

A few days ago, I awoke to find that the canopy was now an amazing carpet of pink petals. There is little I enjoy more than the beauty of nature, and how it can be so great as to almost overwhelm at times. A crystal clear night sky, a sunset that looks like it was painted on, and now a carpet of petals. Amazing.

PS - If you think the picture is pretty now, try viewing it full screen.


Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful bobo! i wish i was there to see it! the flowers on our trees infront of our house at home are blooming right now! it's so pretty! i love you! xoxo liz

Carole said...

I wish I were there to enjoy those flowers!!! How fabulous!!!! Have fun
;} from M