Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lauriol Plaza 2007: The Video!

As promised, here for All to Enjoy is the video of last week's Lauriol Plaza adventure starring Ben, Lee, Dave, Elizabeth and me. It's a nice 27 minute video, and I encourage you to sit down and enjoy your lunch or dinner as you watch it. That way, you can pretend you were at Lauriol with us!

Topics of conversation include:
  • What we're up to! (Boring job stuff!)
  • One- and ten-year predictions! (Lee will have six children!)
  • Who's BlackBerry is better! (Mine!)
  • Whether it is possible to perform a passable karaoke version of Hotel California without any real-time musical accompaniment at all! (Indeed it is! But only if the person who starts the song has an impeccable memory of the proper starting pitch. Which she does!)
  • And so on!
Enjoy, but keep your expectations low for the best experience. And if you're interested, here are some links to products mentioned in the video. Highly recommended:
Enjoy! And if you're curious, here's last year's video:

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Gweepay! said...

I am duly impressed by the way the pre-Gweepay table managed to sing "Hotel California" precisely in sync with the non-existent background music.

And while I empathize with Dr. Kepple's state of denial regarding the sound of his voice, I am fairly certain that the Internet is not, in fact, lying about how we sound. Suffice it to say that none of us could pass for James Earl Jones.


Elizabeth said...

Love the video Sweetie. Watched the whole thing at breakfast this morning. Call me soon!