Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Then & Now

Lauriol Plaza 2006

Lauriol Plaza 2007

Friends Lee, Ben and Dave (Gweepay) and I met up a couple nights ago, as part of Ben's annual "Last of the Petty Cash Tour." Per usual, we went to Lauriol Plaza, one of the most hopping, fun and trendy gathering places in allll of the Dupont Circle area. Also per usual, their delicious margaritas weren't nearly strong enough. After three margaritas, there was still not a buzz to be seen -- despite the fact that I had eaten very little that day. Alas.

But all in all, it was great fun, and The Artist Formerly Known as Sweetie even made it down for a visit. Stay tuned -- there will be video!

EDIT, May 27, 2007: Video is up!


Carole said...

you STILL look a lot better without the facial fuzz!!!

Matt said...

Funny, upon seeing the two pictures side-by-side, I came to the opposite conclusion! Why can't we just agree to agree that I look so amazing in both photos, it is impossible to choose. ;-)