Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am the Student Prince

For ages, friends have been asking me to post some more of my musical performances online. Well, I have no performances scheduled for a while. BUT I did have a rehearsal tonight at the Potomac United Methodist Church, and we went over one of the pieces I am singing at our Musical Theatre Extravaganza in November.

Without further ado, I present the finale from "The Student Prince," a beautiful operetta from the 1920s. The tenor soloist is me. My impromptu duet partner, who is also playing the piano, is Rosie (also my voice coach). The choir was somewhat sparse tonight, and our resident opera singer was not there, but they did a good job too.


Amanda said...

Just beautiful! Or should I say delish?

Heather said...

Beautiful! Let me know if you ever sing with the BSO (my dad is the timpanist) and I'll come see you.

Di said...

Just lovely. As someone who's been listening to you sing for almost ten years, I can attest to just how much your voice has matured. Beautiful, Matt.