Friday, March 7, 2008

Daily Recap

  • At Safeway, where some ASSHOLE has cleaned out all the Campbell's Italian Wedding soup, thereby securing a special place in Hell.
  • Bad: Still feeling crappy. My energy comes and goes. Woke up with it but right now it's gone. Good: My car got me to work this morning.
  • I wish I had energy so I could work out, but I don't so I can't. I'll also probably have to skip my trip to Richmond this weekend. :(
  • Heading home. Weak, can't concentrate. Want to lay down.
  • Eating Safeway's delicious Cajun Jambalaya soup in my car as the rain dances around me.
  • Hmm. My deposition Monday has been canceled. No word on rescheduling. Did they accept the settlement?
  • My floor is finally uncluttered enough for the Roomba to be able to work! This is a major milestone.
  • I have Swiffer mopped my living room. I can have friends over again!!!!!
  • I've had sustained energy for the past several hours. I think I can hit the gym tomorrow -- if I take it easy.

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