Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bluebookin' like a Maniac; Sweatin' like a Maniac

  • So, I'm done with that paper I've been talking about for a couple months -- "done" in the sense that all I have left to do is check my cites and submit the thing. I'll hopefully complete the cite checking today and then submit it to a dozen or so communications law journals. Over the next few days I will submit it to the several dozen public policy journals. Hopefully somebody will bite.

    In any case, I am already excited about various future papers. Ideas:

    • The Obscenity Paradox: If obscenity by definition has no value, and yet some people want to watch obscenity, doesn't that give it value to certain people?
    • IP as PII: Are Internet Protocol addresses "personally identifiable information"?
    • Grumpy Old Men Syndrome: When old judges meet new technologies

  • In other news, my mom and I are spending countless hours at the gym. It's awesome. I've lost a few pounds over the past couple weeks and I feel great! Highly recommended.

PS - Rudy is flying. Updates soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, happy to hear you're in the gym! Going to the gym with your mom? That's cool.
My gym going days have declined, horribly, that regrettably, being brought on by the obliteration of the transmission on my truck and thereby living your beach going friend without any mode of transportation. Nay, nay, I know you ask yourself, oh how ever will my bro on the westcoast score chicks if his muscles atrophy and disappear due to neglect and no longer being carefully sculpted in the arthouse we call the gym. Fear not my UK girl pimping friend, I have taken up the reverence inspiring hobby called surfing. A man but simply need to paddle around in the water, catch a wave and do a few steps on his board to make it seem like keen daredevil coordination, talent and manuevers are being made to, well, score with the shore dwelling dames.

Yeah, anyways, glad to hear the paper went well.