Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Night in London

I got out of London just in time, didn't I? I flew out Wednesday morning; the next day, all hell broke loose. Now I am safe and sound at home in southeast Michigan, but here I offer you a chance to see what I did on my last night in London. For one hour, Georgetown Law paid for free drinks -- "only beer and wine." Ha! Is there's any thing G'town law students love, it's a challenge. After about a half hour, we started figuring out that the bartender let us put entire bottles of wine on the tab. And then I realized that the wine menu also listed "champagne" as a type of wine. So I tried to order a glass... and was told they only came in bottles... G'town confiscated a $300 activity fee from me, of which I had used next to nothing, so I figured, why not? I will take a bottle of champagne! "Maaay allllll acquaintance beeee forgot da da daaa da da da daaaa!"

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FYI -- Andrea Biondi, an Italian professor who usually teaches in the UK, taught me European Union Law this summer in London. Regardless of whether or not I actually did well on the final, I can say without pause that this man was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He makes entertaining what could be an incredibly dry topic. He is teaching EU Law in the spring of '07 at G'town and, if you're a student there, I strongly recommend you make space in your M/W schedule and take his class! Biondi today, Biondi forever!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and throw a shout out to my friend. Hope your travels to UK were fun, and we're all glad to have you back!