Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three Men in a Cabin

IMG_0004 7.JPG, originally uploaded by CaseWriter21.

I have spent the last few days relaxing at Mark's parents' cabin a few hours northwest of Detroit. For those who don't know, Mark is the gentleman sprawled on the ground, sucking on a breadstick. Poised above him are myself and Donnie. We have wiled away the days throwing frisbees through the woods and forests, throwing oranges at each other, playing the piano, sight singing motets, and generally engaging in youthful tomfoolery. You wish you were here!


Anonymous said...

looks like you're having fun. :-) when are you coming home? uncle stu made reservations tomorrow for mom's birthday--dinner at morton's at 6:00! be there or be square! haha. xoxo liz

Anonymous said...

Honestly...something unnerving about this picture. It creeps me out. Maybe it's the exaggerated, phony smiles; maybe it's because your friends look like they're twins; maybe it's the odd distorted image of two yellow circular things to the right of your face Matt, like that fireplace is demon spawn...with the two yellow things it's eyes, the white napkin its nose and the open panels and exposed flame serving as its foul mouth from Hell.

Hmmm, so I guess you could really say that there are four people with phony, exaggerated smiles in your picture.

Have to give your friend props though for the red Radiohead t-shirt from the Kid-A cd that Radiohead released back in 2001.