Tuesday, June 26, 2007

O Happy Day: I am the highest ranked!

Today marks a momentous occasion in my Web 2.0 existence. For the first time ever, my Engadget comments have been voted not just "highly ranked," but "highest ranked" by the fine readers of Engadget!

The story in question details a funny little provision of the AT&T terms of service, which state that if you buy an iPhone, you have to activate it or else you will also lose iPod functionality itself. That is, you won't even be able to play your songs! I know, what is the point of buying an iPhone without also signing up for service? Admittedly, this is an unlikely scenario, but it is possible that someone might want it mainly for the wide-screen iPod functionality and the ability to surf the Web via WiFi when sitting on the commode. (Yes, some people like to surf the web from the little boy's room. So sue me!)

Anyway, I noted that if this rumour is true, the DOJ's Antitrust division will surely be interested, seeing as that they frown upon tying of products. Some idiot named Justin started disagreeing with me rather forcefully, saying that I am not a good lawyer, and other such nonsense. I kept responding, trying to clarify my points, respond to his arguments, and so on, but he was adamant!

My self-confidence wavered. Was I wrong? I wondered. Am I not a good lawyer? But then I noticed the rankings. Engadget has a nifty little feature whereby users can click a plus or minus to vote on the quality of the comment they are reading. Most comments are ranked "neutral," but some are clearly favored or disfavored by the audience. Imagine my gleeful surprise when I found that my comments were either ranked "highly" or "highest," while the idiots I was arguing with were ranked "low!"

The People have spoken... and I win again!

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