Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Exciting Life You Don't Hear About

Tonight, as I stood on stage behind the National Symphony Orchestra, facing the Capitol Dome and thousands of people and about to sing the dress-rehearsal concert for tomorrow's July 4th concert on the Mall, my thoughts turned to this blog. Specifically, I realized that the most exciting parts of my life -- the stuff I enjoy the most, and spend the most time on -- really doesn't make it into my blog. That's not because I'm trying to hide it or anything; it's just that when I am doing something exciting and fun, I am not writing on my blog.

It's ironic -- and a bit frustrating -- because these are the kinds of things I really want to tell everyone about. This is the stuff I get out of my apartment for. A couple weeks ago I got to sing for the President at Ford's Theatre for a special that won't air until December... apparently ABC decided that the typically summer show would make more money as a winter special, so there we were, singing Christmas carols for the president as Winona Judd asked him if he had picked out a present for Laura yet. And Olivia Newton John was there -- she was totally making eyes at me! And our musical director was Bill Conti, an award-winning composer who not only does the Academy Awards every year, but also wrote the Rocky Theme. He was hilarious and inspiring and extremely talented. And I realized how lucky I am to get the opportunity to do all these amazing things.

And I wanted to write about it at the time... but after work and rehearsal and spending time with friends, there was no time left over to write a blog post and do it justice.

That's the way it goes, I guess. Sometimes I'm really prolific... and those are the times when I have the least going on. So I write about my latest Segway Reaction of the Day, or how neat technology is, and BeforeISleep readers get a rather one-sided picture of Who I Am.

I am not just a technophile. I am a singer, a musician, a photographer, an author, a tinkerer, a scholar. And a lawyer. And yes, a technophile. :-)

It's kind of sad that I don't have time to write about the things that intrigue me the most, that make me the happiest, that take up so many of my waking hours.

Then again, it's kind of wonderful that I often have so little time to blog.

It means I am enjoying Life.

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liz said...

very profound my deep brother.... :-)