Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Matt's First Law of Segway Reactions

The less in-the-mood you are to talk to someone, the more people will come up and ask you about your Segway.

I have been sick for the last few days, and I am having some difficulty shaking it. Mornings are okay but I quickly lose steam, and feel lethargic by mid-day. (It's 8 pm and I'm about to go to sleep!) In short, I am not in the mood to be jolly and greet everyone I meet with a smile. Sorry about that.

Because my throat is still a bit scratchy, I felt the need to glide to the store for some more Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie (my favorite). This is not a long journey; the Whole Foods is literally four blocks away. However, Matt's First Law of Segway Reactions does not depend on distance traveled. Applying Matt's First Law, one should not be surprised to learn that I had three encounters with people on the combined journeys there and back. These were not quick little "Wow! Awesome!" encounters (I got those too but all those require are a smile, nod, and/or wave); these were in-depth discussions with people who are really curious about how the Segway works, how fast it goes, how far it goes, how much it costs, and (if the seemingly high figure doesn't phase them too badly) where they can get one.

I am sick. I am sniffly. I am tired. I did not want to talk to everyone and smile and be friendly. But, as a Segway Ambassador, it is my duty.

We few lone gliders really are ambassadors. The group is fond of telling new owners that our actions alone can have an effect on other Segway riders throughout the city. (Imagine if I weave through people like a maniac, pissing off the wrong person -- such as Old Man Winters, whose favorite hobby is attending every city council meeting and complaining about young hooligans and unusual newfangled devices.) So I have to be friendly, even if I don't want to be -- if I'm curt, it will just leave a bad taste in peoples' mouths.

So, there you have it. Matt's First Law. More to come...

PS - As of today, I have glided 235 miles!

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