Sunday, July 22, 2007

I know this video is bizarre, but I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to humiliate a friend on YouTube. Gweepay was all in favor of it -- he's a jolly chap -- but in the future, Dave, I'd recommend you don't show the world your boxer shorts.


Amanda said...

That was too funny. Just wow.

Di said...

I'm jealous.

SEG Indiana said...

Where is the table for the milk and cookies? And what about making sure the Air Conditioner was not too cold for him.

And of course who is going to read him a bed time story about a good little boy who woke up to find a Segway all his own.

Matt said...

Thank you for your comments, all. Amanda, I agree. Diana, as you should be. SEG:

1. The Gweep had already been fed, thus no milk and cookies at night. He's not Santa, after all.

2. I actually did make sure the a/c was just right for him! It was before the video though.

3. Good suggestion about the Segway story. Next time... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know I've heard that music somewhere before. What is it?